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APSSS 2020
Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
in power systems and smart grids

February 10-14, 2020

Adelaide, Australia

Power system infrastructure, operation, planning, monitoring and maintenance are undergoing a tremendous transformation. Old practices are replacing with contemporary technology-based approaches at a fast pace. The sheer magnitude of changes demands frequent in-depth training of professionals and engineers to learn about new practices and tools. 

The Adelaide Power Systems Summer School (APSSS) brought together internationally and nationally renowned experts in the field to teach application of artificial intelligence methods in power systems and smart grids, including:

  • Deep Neural Network and Physics-Informed Neural Network,

  • Bayesian Networks and Graph Signal Processing,

  • Model-based and Model-free Reinforcement Learning

  • Clustering and Classification

The sessions involved teaching and hands-on exercises using open-source tools. 

84 submitted expression of interests and 37 were selected and participated in the APSSS 2020. Here are some facts about our participants:

You can read more about APSSS 2020 in the academic and industry flyers below:


The lectures are divided into four categories: Opening and Keynote Speech, Physics-Informed Neural Network, Bayesian Networks and Graph Signal Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Classification and Clustering. Each category contains several lectures.

All the lectures are recorded and available to you for free. Please share the content with your peers and leave us feedback in the comment section. 

Keynote Speech by Professor Ian Hiskens, University of Michigan Ann Arbor | Slides

Machine Learning for Power Systems by Assoc. Professor Spyros Chatzivasileiadis, Technical University of Denmark | Slides | Codes

Graph-Based Machine Learning for Power Systems by Professor Anna Scaglione, Arizona State University 

Reinforcement Learning by Dr Jose R Vazquez-Canteli (on behalf of Prof. Zoltan Nagy), The University of Texas at Austin | Slides | Codes

Clustering and Classification Methods by Senior Lecturer Archie Chapman, The University of Queensland | Slides | Codes

Homework Assignment (prepared by the speakers) | Solutions (thanks to Emma Blomgren) | Files

Our Speakers

We’re proud to feature a list of prominent speakers who are at the forefront of their fields. These professionals are always eager to share their knowledge and inspire like-minded enthusiasts. Read more about this year’s speakers below, and contact us if you would like to learn more information.


Ian Hiskens (keynote speaker)

PhD, the University of Newcastle, Australia (1991)

Vennema Professor of Engineering, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the USA

Ian is an IEEE Fellow (2006), a Fellow of Engineers Australia, and a Chartered Professional Engineer in Australia with tremendous experience in academia as well as industry. He was a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2002-2008), a visiting professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1999-2002), and a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle, Australia (1992-1999). He was with the Queensland Electricity Supply Industry, where he held the positions of EMS Security Applications Engineer and Planning Engineer Transmission Systems from 1980 to 1992. 


Zoltan Nagy

PhD, ETH Zurich (2011)

Assistant professor, The University of Texas at Austin

Zoltan was a visiting researcher at MIT in 2009 and spent a semester at DTU on the student exchange program in 2005. He was a postdoc at ETH Zurich prior to joining UT Austin. He is a co-founder of award-winning high-tech spin-off Femtotools in 2007. 


Archie Chapman

PhD, University of Southampton (2009)

Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland

Archie is a member of the Data Science group of the School of IT and Electrical Engineering at UQ. Prior to joining UQ, Archie was Research Fellow in Smart Grids at the University of Sydney (2011-2019), and a postdoc fellow at the Uni of Southampton (2009-2010).


Anna Scaglione

PhD, University of Rome “La Sapienza” (1999)

Professor at the Arizona State University (ASU)

Anna is an IEEE Fellow (2011), the Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, and the director of the SINE Lab at ASU.  Prior to joining ASU, she was Assistant (2001-2006) and Associate (2006-2008) Professor at Cornell University, Associate Professor (2008-2010) and Professor of electrical engineering (2010-2014) at the University of California at Davis. In 2006, she was visiting professor at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, and in 2013 at Stanford University.


Spyros Chatzivasileiadis

PhD, ETH Zurich (2013)

Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Spyros received his PhD from ETH Zurich. He was a postdoc fellow at MIT and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). He was an exchange student at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Liege during his undergrad and PhD education, respectively.


You can check the APSSS 2020 detailed program in the PDF document below.

Welcome Dinner

We had a welcome dinner at the beautiful Ayers House. Professor Wen Soong, head of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, welcomed participants to the event. Professor Nesimi Ertugrul and David Vowles from the School joined the cohort as well.

Winery Tour