Short courses on the most recent practices and emerging technologies in the power systems and smart grids engineering

Designed to fulfil the learning requirements of industry and academic participants

A 4-day event with hands-on experience in the class using open-source software; and a wrap-up workshop led by industry

Program Style

Certificate of completion for all attendees

* Attendees from the industry will receive a certificate of 15 hours of CPD.


An opportunity for networking with world-renowned scientists and your peers from academia and industry 


Three students awards (full registration reimbursement)

* Selected from those who submit a thorough report on all exercises within two weeks from the end of the event.


Certificate of 1 unit coursework (2.5 ECTS) upon receiving a thorough report on the homework assignments 

Coursework Credit

Welcome dinner, poster display program and half-a-day social event (such as winery tour) to have fun and to foster a friendly atmosphere 

Social Events

Feedback from participants in previous events

In APSSS 2020, we received 84 expressions of interests. 37 were selected and participated in the event. 19 out of 37 participated in the final survey. Here are what they had to say:


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SA Power Network and Australian Power Institute sponsored APSSS 2020.

SA Power Networks as a sponsor of the APSSS 2020

SA Power Networks

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SA Power Networks is a key player in South Australia’s energy industry as the state’s sole electricity distributor. They build, maintain and upgrade the poles, wires and substations that deliver power to around 900,000 homes and businesses. 

Their Future Operating Model provides insight into how their business will change over time to provide better solutions for a world reliant on virtual power plants, electric vehicles and smart appliances.

The Australian Power Institute as a sponsor of the APSSS 2020

The Australian Power Institute

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The Australian Power Institute (API) represents major Australian power companies in providing future professional power engineering capability whose vision is:

"To Deliver a Sustainable Supply of Highly Skilled Power Engineering Professionals Working Effectively to Meet the Challenges of Australia’s Emerging Energy Future and to Support the Technical and Commercial Success of Member Companies in the Energy Sector"

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